“I can't live in a house where I'm not respected as a fantasy football player.”


PlayerProfiler has been gathering comprehensive data for every player in the NFL for several years and needed a mythically potent platform to deliver it direct to your armchair quarterbacks wide-open endzone. Together, with our incredibly athletic help, we forged a visciously powerful tool, custom made to deliver accuracy, power, and stamina for your fantasy arsenal. A one-stop-shop, no holds-barred, hail mary, 40-yard dash of raw muscle and visceral ferocity, guaranteed* to dominate your friends and fellow fantasy sports enthusiasts right where it counts.

* Not guaranteed at all

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The Player Profiler website, while full of extremely potent player data, needed a super-charged architecture to support the lightning fast sprints across that dirty digital grid iron.
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Our first down was a failure of Ray Finkle proportions. Site data was powered by ever-growing spreadsheets, page caching needed to provide most of our performance tunes and the data was locked to the site and couldn’t be repurposed for features like RSS feeds or mobile apps.

The result couldn’t scale - it was a system that was crippled by its own growth, and frequent and premature server infrastructure upgrades were required to keep the website running at an acceptable level. It was on life-support and getting daily cortizone shots to keep it standing on it’s own.

To satisfy all of the concerns, AB conceptualized a new system architecture that would focus on speed for both web pages and the data.

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On second down, we moved all of the data storage out from WordPress and into a stand alone web application, accessible via a public API. Requests for player data dropped from a minimum response time of 4000 milliseconds to an average of 100.

On the third down, we concentrated on improving the response times of the Wordpress website. Removing the data from WP meant we could better utilize full page caching. Now, when you visit a profile page, the webpage layout loads immediately, and the data is fetched from the API and rendered to the layout shortly there after.

On our fourth and final down, leading to touchdown city, we focused on upgrading PlayerProfiler’s process of data collecting. We built a custom CSV import system into WordPress that was responsible for parsing unique files, processing the data, and submitting it for storage in the off-site API.

Nailed it.

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