Wills Eye Hospital


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Wills Eye is one of the top eye hospitals in the world and was in need of a web presence that reflected their stellar reputation. With experience in large usable websites Aardvark Brigade was excited to take on the challenge.

Aardvark Brigade began the redesign process will a full content audit of the old Wills Eye Site. Outdated content was removed and new content additions were identified and created. Aardvark then worked with Wills Eye team to better structure the site content to make it user friendly.

The design portion of the project came next. With a keen eye for usability Aardvark updated the Wills online brand to be visually impactful with out getting in the way of content.

Lastly Aardvark Brigade leveraged Drupal to supply Wills with a content management system that will allow them to manage and grow the website in the future.

Wills Eye Hospital
Wills Eye Hospital
Wills Eye Hospital
Wills Eye Hospital
Wills Eye Hospital
Wills Eye Hospital
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