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A new era has begun for the legendary record label Epic records. New label head L.A. Reid has revamped the artist roster to include pop superstars and up and comers that will usher in a new energy at the label. To reflect the excitement, Sony Music asked the Aardvark Brigade to help explore visuals for a new Epic website.

Aardvark Brigade worked hand-in-hand with the internal Sony Music team to create a range of styles to match the demographic, the character of the roster, and the vibrance of the artists on the label. The work Aardvark Brigade created contributed to the final look which was carried over to the full site by the Sony Music team. Take a look at the future of Epic records.

Epic Records Moodboard 1
Epic Records Moodboard 2
Epic Records Moodboard 3
Epic Records Moodboard 4
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