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CAbi, or Carol Anderson by invitation is much more than just the most unique personal fashion shopping experience. CAbi is also a fun, flexible and exciting career opportunity that has empowered thousands of women to enjoy a life others only dream about.

With over 35 years of successful brand development, CAbi has evolved from its humble beginnings in a garage in Burbank to span the nation with beautiful and elegant designs and an impressive business model that has captivated the masses!

Aardvark Brigade has collaborated for the past 3 seasons to redefine CAbi's online presence with a suite of features, and content that constantly changes to keep it fresh and exciting for the CAbi community to view, share, and talk about. We have incorporated responsiveness and redesigned key areas of the site to give users the best and most vivid experience, when either learning more about the CAbi brand, browsing the latest fashion line, or learning more about exciting career opportunities.



In addition to the website, we have also helped create 2 custom Facebook applications to provide additional social points and strategic content to inform the community about upcoming events, contests, polls, and consultant spotlights. These tabs were designed to utilize a modular system - allowing for content to easily be changed out, rearranged, and ultimately make the destinations more interesting for the CAbi community.

Everything we have crafted for CAbi was built using CSS, Javascript, and HTML5 to ensure accessibility and compatibility across a myriad of device types. The result is we have provided a rich and interactive digital ecosystem for all kinds of visitors, and have powered everything with a comprehensive WordPress CMS that keeps the content up to date, and editable by the CAbi team.

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