Work Hard. Work Proud. the Aardvark Brigade

We are a New Jersey Based Interactive Studio and

We Keeps It Real

The Aardvark Brigade was birthed in the early 2000’s and has been getting its groove on ever since. Rock stars, Record companies, TV networks and corporate giants have all tapped Aardvark Brigade’s battle tested crew of designers, developers, and dreamers to deliver powerful solutions. Whether it be websites, apps, branding or strategy the work created has won awards and recognition around the world. But at the end of the day, what counts is this:

The Aardvark Brigade delivers because there is no other way. On time, beyond expectations, and wholly different than anything before or after.


At Aardvark Brigade we pride ourselves on the ability to take on any challenge. We create top notch creative and find the technology that best fits our customers needs. Huge websites, apps, kiosks, flash based interactives, and swimsuit calendars we have worked on them all.

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Strategy Creative Planning Technology


Aardvark Brigade has experience leading small to large projects from the get go.

Stakeholder Interviews
Client Discovery
Competitor Research
Analytics Review
Concept Generation

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Our greatest strength is providing memorable, distinct and
powerful creative.

Creative Concepting


From small interactives to huge content bearing websites. We have planned
them all.

Information Architecture
Project formation


Apps, websites, kiosks we don't back down from any challenge.

Technical Services
Multi Platform CMS Integration
Front & Back End Development
Web + Mobile App Development

Featured Projects


We are a group of passionate individuals that are excited about our work and the beautiful evolution of technology within it. We aren't the prettiest to look at but the work we do is.

Meet the Crew

Michael Calamusa

Todd Ryan

Jayk Mesler

Jana Uhrich

Daniel O'Kane

Amy Renkel

The Dogs

Michael Calamusa Partner

Sweats the small stuff. In 2006 Mike founded Aardvark Brigade with a handful of clients and a full bottle of whiskey in a small apartment bedroom. Years and bottles later, AB has evolved into an award-winning creative studio brimming with hyper-talented individuals. Mike loves being involved every step of the way from strategy to creative to deployment and has an unrelenting drive to keep shoving AB forward.

Mike day dreams about being an 18th century furniture maker living in a modest hovel in western europe.

Todd Ryan Partner

Loves what he does. Whether it’s meeting, planning, designing, coding, Todd is excited about getting to work. The passion has resulted in 12 years of award winning projects for diverse clientele including Dow Jones Indexes, Sony Music, Warner Brothers Records and AETN.

When not engaged in the next Aardvark Brigade endeavor Todd can be found stomping through the swamps of Jersey with his lovely wife and kids.

Jayk Mesler Art Director

Is obsessed with the visual. If he woke up one morning missing his other 4 senses, he probably wouldn't notice. Jayk has spent over 15 years of his life in front of a computer screen exploring ways to make things more appealing to his eyes; a process that has allowed him to get his grubby little mitts on some pretty cool projects.

His spare time, though rare, is spent eating chicken wings with his wife and their "little dookie monster".

Jana Uhrich Designer

Gets really excited about pixels. Whether it's nudging them to make a perfect promo or counting them to fix up some code, she's always thinking about ways to make them more interesting. Jana's been experimenting with pixels for five years and it's become an addiction.

When Jana's not staring down a monitor she's often indulging in her other addiction - caffeine.

Daniel O'Kane Front End Developer

Daniel is a front end developer who loves his craft. He brings with him several years of experience in a range of different environments including software development, pharma, and advertising. He treats every project as a challenge to increase his skill and push the potential of what is possible.

When Dan's not interactively coding he enjoys assaulting his drum kit.

Amy Renkel Project Manager

Helps maintain the inner chi between projects and the team. Whether building timelines, providing costs and or just keeping everyone sane, she is the motivation behind making sure projects are completed on time and within budget. After just a few years of dabbling in the science, she has become a project guru managing through all the ins and outs of every projects life span.

When not in the middle of developing a solid project plan, you can find her tinkering around with her Volkswagen rabbit and enjoying the company of good friends.

The Hounds of AB

Sniff, whizzle, whinnie, grunt. As the spirit creatures representing the ever-mighty-gusto of the AB crew, our pups get the unrelenting respect and cookie-providing homage rightful of lords and ladies. Here's to you Frida, Hazel and Quincy!

  • A&E
  • AEG Live
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • Beletz Bros. Glass Company
  • BrightShop Marketing
  • CAbi
  • The Children's Place
  • Dow Jones
  • Fordham University
  • Liberty Science Center
  • Navigators
  • PCI Education
  • Reprise Records
  • Rockwood Wealth Management
  • Sire Records
  • Silverstein Properties
  • Sony Music
  • Square Enix
  • Union Entertainment Group
  • Warner Brothers Records
  • Warner Brothers Nashville
  • Wills Eye Institute
  • Women Deliver, Family Care Intl.
  • Word Records